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I’m an Indian

Well atleast I kinda feel like one today. It’s been a minute since I did an OOTD. I love all the Aztec and Indian fashion that I’ve been seeing around lately. For me personally, it’s not really my style BUT I like it. I thought I would try something a little different.

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Aztec Indian Top- From Dots. I just purchased this. I think it was either $22 or $26.  It’s kind of cropped so I put a tank underneath.  I like the sleeves on this top. And I LOVE the little feather strings. I’ve been obsessed with feathers lately.

Brown Tank-Nothing special. Just a plain ole basic ribbed tank top from Avenue.

Skinny Jeans-Avenue. Same thing. Nothing special. Just plain ole skinny jeans.

Boots-I know you’ve seen these before. I love these boots!!!! Once again, from Avenue. They are still available in stores and online http://www.avenue.com/clothing/Delfina-Tall-Ruffle-Boots.aspx?PfId=247124&DeptId=20168&ProductTypeId=1&PurchaseType=G&pref=ps

Brown Wooden Bracelet- I truely can’t remember where I got this from. It  might have been either Torrid or Avenue since they are some of the few places that have big size bracelets.

Bronze Square Ring- This is oldschool Torrid. I got this YEARS ago.

Brown Feather Earrings- I got these recently from Macys. I like how they are not a typical brown color. And I love that they have a rhinestone strand also. I love me some sparkle 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this OOTD. For 2012, I’ll try to blog more frequently 🙂 HAPPY  NEW  YEAR!!!!


Santa, I’ve been good this year…

Just thought I would put together a wish list of things I NEED in my life. Hope Santa gets them for me…

This first shoe shouldn’t surprise you if you really know me 🙂 Nothing like a little zebra and red to brighten up your day.

Christian Louboutin Red Bottom Furry Zebra Shoe

Only $195





I am always in love with a big red tote. Love the hardware.

MICHAEL by Michael Kors Large Hamilton Rock N’ Roll Tote, Red





Awesome New Years Eve dress.I LOVE SEQUINS!!!

Prairie New York Sequin Shift Dress from Bloomingdales







OOOOMMMMMMGGGGGGG!!!! When I saw this I almost died. I love everything about this ring!!!!! Oh Santa Please I Want It NOW!!!!!!

Betsey Johnson Pig Stretch Ring



Love these bracelets. They are only sold separately. BUT I love the way they look all clustered together. This is the Strength Collection. They have many more collections; Unity, Courage, Breast Cancer, Kindness + Many More.

Each bracelet varies in prices. They can range from $55-$100+.











Love this! Love all the chains and pearls. A chunky necklace for a chunky girl LOL.

Chunky Pearl and Chain Necklace





And last and but certainly not least…


Ahhhhhhhh what a set.

Makeup Forever Wild and Chic Makeup Collectors Case from Sephora.com

ONLY $330 (not that much, right?) LOL


Okay I’m done dreaming now. But maybe, just maybe, since I’ve been good this year, I can atleast get ONE of these great items.

❤ ~ Susie

A blue kinda day…

I mean that mentally and physically. Today I’m just feeling extra FAT. Obviously I’m fat but today I just feel even fatter than normal. Nothing has changed since yesterday but today is just a BLUE kinda day. And as far as my outfit goes I’m blue too 🙂 I’m wearing a blue and grey floral scheme.  

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Grey Short Sleeve Hooded Sweater-Avenue. I love that it is short-sleeved cause I am very hot natured. But still its a pretty thick sweater regardless. So Lord Forbid it did have long sleeves….. I would die.

Blue and Grey Floral Tank Dress-Old Navy. Super Comfortable. I also have the same dress in an orange and navy blue color.

Grey Leggings-Avenue. Not special. Just basic ole grey leggings.

Grey Over the Knee Flat Suede Buckle Boots-Man that is a long name. TORRID. DUH!!! Super cute and comfy. Sorry the pic isn’t the greatest. Hard to take pics of shoes while you are wearing them.

Blue Tie-Dye Ring– I actually got this ring at Walgreens of all places. Or maybe it was CVS. But still it was a drugstore. I get a ton of compliments on it though.

Bracelets-I know for a fact the silver rhinestone bangles are from Avenue. BUT the blue beaded bracelet, not too sure of. I want to say Avenue or maybe even Torrid awhile ago.

Clear Beaded Blue Ribbon Necklace-The necklace is so cool. I love it. It’s tons of different size clear beads strung with a blue ribbon. It is from the Avenue.

So as you can see from all my outfit posts, most of them I am wearing dresses, leggings, and boots. THEY ARE MY FAVS!!!!

Okay that’s it for now. Buh Bye!!!

❤ ~ Susie

Zebra, Zebra, Everywhere!!!

So if you guys didn’t read from a previous post, I LOVE ZEBRA AND RED!!!!  It’s my all time favorite 🙂  So of course I have a Zebra and Red outfit for you. ENJOY!!!

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Guess where most of my items are from??? I bet you have no idea!?!  LOL….. TORRID!!!!! I’ll be glad to shop elsewhere if anyone would like to buy me some gift cards for Christmas (hint hint).

Red Open Cardigan-Torrid

Zebra Sequin Tank-Torrid

Reb and Black Glitter Bangles-Torrid

Zebra and Red Hoop Earrings-Torrid

Black Trouser Pants-Torrid

RingNOT  TORRID 🙂  Rue 21

Red and Black Shimmer Ballet Flats-Payless. I wear a size 12W so finding cute AFFORDABLE shoes is hard for me. I know there is Torrid, Avenue, Payless, + a couple more. I know I can shop online BUT I really prefer trying shoes on.

Heather Keith Freeman

Have any of you ever heard of Heather Keith Freeman. She is an artist from Pennsylvania.  I just so happen to come across her work as I was surfing the internet. By the way, do people still say that? Surfing the Internet LOL. Anywhoo, I  love her work. Most of her work is all about size acceptance.

Here’s a little bit about her which I found from http://www.fireseastudios.com/sc-about.php

“Heather Keith Freeman has been painting ever since she was old enough to hold a brush, on every available surface. Her work explores the anthromorphization of abstract concepts with vivid use of light and shadow, often combined with text to make profound statements about the hidden qualities of our culture. Social justice in all its manifestations is very important to her work, from the combating of racism and sexism to disability rights and size acceptance. She seeks to communicate that which lives in the space between word and image by the use of both in tandem, and the challenging of subconscious stereotypes and assumptions.”

This first piece is called “Taking Up Space”. I LOVE IT!!!! I mean hello, how often do you see a photo, drawing, or anything like this?  I’m sure its taboo to some people cause it’s a naked woman, whose NOT thin with all her glory hanging out. But I find it inspiring. Cause at the end of the day, most of us look more like this woman that any of the skinny stick thin woman that the media throws out at you.

Heather Keith Freeman describes this piece as “A black-and-white drawing of a fat woman from the side. She smiles, arm thrown out as if in the midst of dancing. Behind her are the words “The greatest crime of a fat woman is that she dares to TAKE UP SPACE”.

This second piece is called “Get Out Of Me”. You’ve heard the expression, “Inside every fat woman is a skinny woman trying to get out”. Well Heather was able to hit the nail on the head with this piece. I think she describes it best….



















 “We pause for an exorcism.

You know that incredibly loathsome phrase, “Inside every fat person is a thin person struggling to get out?”

Well, it’s kind of true. Except the thin person is not the perfectly healthy, sexy ideal person our culture would like you to believe. No, the thin person inside us is artificially starved, surgically reproportioned, plastic sculpted to make us perfectly pretty, empty-headed dolls.

The thin person inside us is Barbie.


This is the representation of the voice in our ear whispering that we are worthless, ugly freaks if we don’t spend every spare moment exercising and every meal eating salad.

This is the urge to read the fashion magazines that leave us feeling shamed and fat and poor.

This is every cringe when we look in the mirror in the morning and see nothing but flaws.

This is the Disney princess and the Playboy centerfold and the meanest, prettiest cheerleader in the school.

This is the plastic mantra that we can’t unhear, repeating incessantly that we are only valued by our appearance, and by whether men want to fuck us.

And it’s inside me, permeating my being, poisoning my mind in ways I don’t even realize because it’s always been there.


 WELL SAID!!!! I don’t think I could have said it any better myself.

This 3rd and final piece is called “Not Yours II“. I love the message with this piece. Your body is yours AND NO ONE ELSES!!!! It doesn’t matter what you look like. It doesn’t matter what people have to say about your body. It is YOURS!!! No one is entitled to an opinion but YOU. Who cares if you are FAT and have curves. The important thing is that you are HEALTHY!!!! Just because you are skinny DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE !!!  Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for the way you look. What is most important is how YOU feel about yourself. Don’t let anyone make you feel unworthy just because you are not a size 0.

Heather describes her work as “A woman seen from front and below in black and white. Behind her float the words in white ‘NOT YOUR BODY / NOT YOUR LIFE / NOT YOUR BUSINESS’ . In her right hand she holds a paintbrush against her abdomen, where written in white is ‘NOT YOURS’. The message of this piece is centered on reproductive freedom, but many of the statements apply to gender identity and expression, religious freedom, disability rights, and gender equality as a whole. In short: my body is mine and mine alone. I and I alone have the right to control what happens within its borders, and to declare my own experience.”

You can view all of Heather’s works of art at http://www.fireseastudios.com/livingartist/?page_id=359.m. I would highly suggest you go there. She has tons of great pieces. And most of her stuff is done with just a pen. HOW AMAZING IS THAT???? I hope you all enjoyed.

❤  ~  Susie




I am going to TRY and upload at least 5 outfits a week that I wear. I am all about being Fashionable without spending a fortune. I try my best not to spend a whole lot on just ONE item. Cause I like to shop a lot and buy MANY items.

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So like I said in my first post. I used to work for Torrid. And I was there for a while too. Almost 5 years. So about 75% of my wardrobe is from there. I worked at Avenue as well. I didn’t buy too many clothes from there. They don’t ALWAYS have the cutest stuff. But they always have great jewelry. So I have a lot of  jewelry from Avenue.

Purple Dress-Torrid (www.torrid.com)

Belt-Torrid ( I LOVE THIS BELT)

Leggings-Avenue  (www.avenue.com)

Over the Knee Suede Boots-Torrid (THESE ARE MY FAVORITE BOOTS EVER)




I like this outfit. I love the color purple.  I like to wear big chunky belts. It’s just usually hard to find cute belts that fit. Torrid is about the only place I have come across that has them. I bought one from Forever 21+ before. But I’m a size 22/24, I bought the 3x. And it was a joke. It wasn’t fitting over my big fat stomach 😛

So I hope you enjoyed this outfit. I will have many more to post 🙂

❤ ~ Susie







Hello everyone! And welcome to FaTshionable Rolls. LOL thought the name was appropriate cause that is what I’m doing. Making my ROLLS Fashionable HA HA. My name is Susie. And this is my first blog entry 🙂  YAY! I am going to post and write about everything FATSHION. Whether its outfits I wear, shopping, sales, events, news, modeling, WHATEVER. But no matter what it is, it will probably be about FaTshion. Cause I truly believe that just because you are fat, curvy, plus-size, whatever you call it, I believe that you can look and feel fabulous AT ANY SIZE!! I have no problem calling myself FAT. Some people may be offended by it. But HELLO? I’m fat. There’s no other way to say it. I’m FAT, my friends are FAT. It’s just who we are. So I will be using that term OFTEN!!!! So I hope you guys enjoy. Oh and please don’t judge me by my grammar. I do not consider myself a writer by any means LOL

I will first start off by telling you a little about myself. I currently live in Marietta, Georgia. Which is a suburb of Atlanta. I am a small-business owner. I just opened a women’s clothing boutique almost 2 months ago in Kennesaw, Georgia; Embellish Boutique. I sell Trendy & Affordable Womens Clothing in sizes 2-26. www.embellishboutique.co I actually started off with an online boutique; Embellish Plus. It was catered strictly to plus-size clothing. So with the success of the online boutique, I was able to get my actual store in Kennesaw. But I didn’t want to just carry plus-sizes. I wanted to be able to cater to ALL women.

But before I had my own store, I have been in the Retail/Plus-Size Fashion World for almost 10 years. I have worked for stores such as Torrid, Avenue, Lane Bryant, and Bloomingdales, just to name a few. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design AND Fashion Marketing. I am currently in the middle of designing my own PLUS-SIZE clothing line. Mainly dresses. It will debut in Spring/Summer 2012. It is a collection of mainly dresses.

Speaking of Dresses, I am OBSESSED with them. I just ❤ them soooooooo much. 99% of my wardrobe is dresses. I think they are so feminine and COMFY. I wear them almost everyday. Can’t go wrong with a dress :0)

I have been married for over 4 years now. My husband’s name is Bo. He is 37 years old. He works in the Restaurant Industry. We met in Florida. Which is where I am originally from. I moved to the Atlanta area to go to college. We actually started dating when I was 19. And I am 29 now. DANG THAT’S A LONG TIME! Lol. I love my hubby very much. He supports me in whatever I do. And he loves to shop just as much as me. Can’t beat that!!!!  🙂

I have two babies. Well FURRY babies that is 🙂 I have a 6-year-old Chihuahua, Munky and a 2-year-old Dachshund, Mr. Bean. THEY ARE MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!  I don’t know what I would do without them. Munky hates the world and pretty much everyone  in it. He is scared of everything and shakes a lot  HA HA. But once he gets to know you, he will love you. He sleeps pretty much 90% off the day. And he HAS to be covered up when he sleeps. You’d think he wouldn’t be able to breathe BUT he can. Then there is Mr. Bean. COMPLETE OPPOSITE from Munky. He loves life. He loves everyone. He is the biggest lover you will ever met. He will lick you to death 😛  He loves to be outside and socialize with other dogs.

I AM OBESSED with the color red and zebra print. And if the two are together, OMG, I must own it LOL. And I didn’t get this CURVY, FAT body by eating celery sticks. I LOVE Cupcakes. Especially GiGi’s. Ummmmmm What I wouldn’t do for a cupcake?!? J/K  HA HA.

In my spare time I love to SHOP (of course), spend  time with my husband and close friends, go to the movies, go out to eat (DUH). I love to make things. I used to play softball on a league. I kinda want to get back into that. I loved doing that. I love to laugh. I just went to a improv comedy club this past Saturday night for my besties bday. I couldn’t breath half of the show, cause I was crying from laughing so hard. I love life. And I am very happy at where I am right now. In 5 years I would love to have another location for my store, I want my clothing line to be sucessful, I want to have REAL babies, travel and see new places, meet new people and just emerge myself even more into the FATSHION world.

Okay folks, so I do believe that is it for my first blog entry. I hope you enjoyed getting to know me and little better. And i hope we can have a long lasting blogging relationship.

❤ ~ Susie

P.S. Oh and if ya like, find me on Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook Personal- http://www.facebook.com/susie.simpkins

Facebook Business- Friend Page http://www.facebook.com/embellish.plus 

Like page http://www.facebook.com/EmbellishBoutiqueKennesaw

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