Cause being Fat doesn't mean you can't be fashionable

I’m an Indian

Well atleast I kinda feel like one today. It’s been a minute since I did an OOTD. I love all the Aztec and Indian fashion that I’ve been seeing around lately. For me personally, it’s not really my style BUT I like it. I thought I would try something a little different.

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Aztec Indian Top- From Dots. I just purchased this. I think it was either $22 or $26.  It’s kind of cropped so I put a tank underneath.  I like the sleeves on this top. And I LOVE the little feather strings. I’ve been obsessed with feathers lately.

Brown Tank-Nothing special. Just a plain ole basic ribbed tank top from Avenue.

Skinny Jeans-Avenue. Same thing. Nothing special. Just plain ole skinny jeans.

Boots-I know you’ve seen these before. I love these boots!!!! Once again, from Avenue. They are still available in stores and online http://www.avenue.com/clothing/Delfina-Tall-Ruffle-Boots.aspx?PfId=247124&DeptId=20168&ProductTypeId=1&PurchaseType=G&pref=ps

Brown Wooden Bracelet- I truely can’t remember where I got this from. It  might have been either Torrid or Avenue since they are some of the few places that have big size bracelets.

Bronze Square Ring- This is oldschool Torrid. I got this YEARS ago.

Brown Feather Earrings- I got these recently from Macys. I like how they are not a typical brown color. And I love that they have a rhinestone strand also. I love me some sparkle 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this OOTD. For 2012, I’ll try to blog more frequently 🙂 HAPPY  NEW  YEAR!!!!


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